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The start of celebrations honoring a New Year are credited to the Babylonian culture, more than 40 centuries ago. Their new year (which coincided with the spring harvest in March), was marked by affirmations of loyalty to the ruler. Centuries later, Romans rang in a fresh calendar with social gatherings for political oath-takings, military swearings-in, and temple sacrifices. Today, as we raise our glasses with friends and family, we make resolutions. Why? That frozen moment, as the ball drops or the clock strikes, the confetti flies and kisses are shared, inspires us to be . . . more. This year your “more” could be more than another forgotten self-promise. This could be the year your future becomes more.


The Small Business Challenge

Forbes reports that approximately 543,000 new businesses are started each month in this country. That’s a big number, but more close their doors for the last time, than open them for the first time, with each new calendar page.

Survival stats:

  • Seven of ten startups make it at least two years.
  • Half last five years.
  • One third survive to the decade mark.
  • Twenty-five percent stay in business 15 years or more.

Why is the attrition rate so high? There are no guarantees, and plenty of challenges:

  • Finding startup funds and ongoing cash flow.
  • Planning and organization.
  • Legal acumen to avoid regulatory pitfalls.
  • Marketing expertise to cultivate a client base quickly.
  • Recruiting quality staff and training them.
  • Juggling time for employees, projects, and follow-through.
  • Developing working relationships with lots of varied personalities.
  • Making decisions – almost constantly, usually quickly, and often under pressure.


The Comfort of a Safety Net

Starting and running a small business isn’t easy. It takes physical and emotional stamina. It requires skills you may not (currently) have. The rewards of success are unlimited, though. If you really want to make a change for your future financial stability and job satisfaction, there is an easier way than going it alone.

The franchise model gives you a safety net of regional or national brand name recognition. In addition, you may get training, proven marketing methods, and access to legal, accounting, and other resources. And best of all, you own the business.


The Time is NOW!

You have only days before the new calendar year. Are you ready to commit for a change in your future?

Donegal Insurance Group offers a Virginia-only program to help motivated individuals start property and casualty (P&C) insurance agencies. With our Agency Builder Program, we help you get started and provide ongoing support to make your dream of ownership come true.  And in 2017 we will be expanding in several areas of Virginia. Successful graduates of the Program have come from many prior jobs including Mortgage Loan Officers, Real Estate Agents, and prior captive P&C agents or life and health agents. They now own their businesses, and are free to represent multiple carriers.

Our new agents receive:

Training and support – for agent and staff.

Assistance in securing Errors and Omissions coverage.

Support in business planning and management.

Co-op advertising, signs, and marketing materials.

Business equipment and software, with a toll-free help number.

Personal and commercial lines products, priced competitively.

Lucrative commissions, bonuses, and incentives.

Financial assistance.


Please visit for an overview of the program.

Then contact me to get started:

Don Meincke, AVP, Southern Insurance Company of Virginia

(800) 468-1127 Ext 2157; [email protected]


In our next segment, we’ll get into more detail about taking the wheel of your new agency!

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