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Evergreen Acquires Florida-based Broker




Monsey, NY—Izzy Green, CEO of Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management, and Sonia Alvarez, President of MSN Insurance, announce Evergreen’s imminent acquisition of Florida-based MSN Insurance Brokers, LLC. The closing is scheduled for December 6.

Izzy Green explains why his office is all abuzz about this new acquisition: “Evergreen’s philosophy has always been to choose one specialized niche and become the best at it. For example, at Evergreen we focus on real estate and property insurance across the country and we have become industry leaders. So when we see a company that is specialized and is good at what it does, we like it.

“MSN fits that. It concentrates on providing insurance to the commercial trucking industry and it excels in that area. Bringing MSN under Evergreen will allow us to take over the back office operations while MSN continues to concentrate at the front end on what it does best.” He makes special mention of Chris McAtee of INS Capital Group, to whom Evergreen Insurance is particularly indebted for his invaluable advice leading up to a successful conclusion of the deal.

Sonia Alvarez, President of MSN Insurance, describes her own feelings on the upcoming deal: “I am overly excited to embark on this new journey with Izzy and his partners. In the little time I have met Izzy I learned so much—I think his energy alone can take this agency to a higher level. I feel that working together we will grow to a new level neither of us have ever imagined. I thank you Izzy Green for giving me the opportunity to be a part of something big.”

As part of the acquisition, MSN Insurance Brokers will be rebranded as Axle Trucking Insurance. In the words of Green, “Providing specialized insurance care for commercial trucking comprises 80% of MSN’s business and this is what makes the company stand out. The new name will better reflect what the company does and what makes it unique.”

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