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Second Annual Meeting for Agency Networks Set for January



Last January more than 175 leaders from insurance agency networks, markets and service providers gathered in Tempe, AZ for the inaugural meeting of the Insurance Networks Alliance (INA) to promote and support the critical role that insurance agency networks play in the independent agent distribution channel.

Based on the results of that meeting and the feedback from attendees, the second annual INA Winter Meeting is being planned for January 28-29, 2019 with an agenda that will:

  • Provide takeaways on improving your network
  • Include presentations on managing carrier relationships
  • Create opportunities to learn from network peers
  • Attract cutting edge technology to discuss their solutions for Networks
  • Organize round table discussions on Best Practices
  • Dedicate time for business development networking

Owners and senior management of professionally managed networks, insurance carriers, wholesalers and program administrators with distribution or seeking distribution with insurance networks, and service providers to this industry segment should all attend.

 “The INA provides a unique forum to address critical issues facing Insurance Agency Networks and collaboratively look for solutions for networks as well as insurance carriers and industry vendors.” - John Tiene, CEO, Agency Network Exchange LLC

“From a carrier perspective, the ability to meet with almost 40 networks at a single event is enormously efficient.” Doug Avrin, VP of Sales & Marketing, State Auto Insurance

“Connecting with multiple partner carriers, other networks and service providers in a concentrated amount of time is a great asset to our organization.” Andrew Caldwell, President, Smart Choice Agents Program

Stay connected with the progress of the INA and the second annual INA Winter Meeting by clicking here  and providing your contact information, or visit the INA website to learn more about the INA and register for the second annual Winter Meeting.  Also, follow the INA on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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