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AssuredPartners Announces Acquisition of Two General Aviation Brokerages



AssuredPartners Acquires Regal Aviation Insurance and Lundy & Clark

LAKE MARY, FL – AssuredPartners, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisitions of Regal Aviation Insurance located in Hillsboro, OR and Lundy & Clark Insurance Group of Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Both agencies specialize in the general aviation community and provide insurance to personal aircraft owners, maintenance shops, airports, and commercial operators of all kind.  The combined acquisitions represent a reported $2.2 million in revenue.

“Today’s skies have a variety of exposures and we have built Regal Aviation to handle those in the best regard for our clients.” said Regal Aviation’s Jason Wissmiller. “With our specialized marketplace we wanted to ensure we had a partner who truly understands our industry and has built the proper infrastructure for the aviation sector” stated Rusty Wissmiller of Regal Aviation Insurance.

Lundy & Clark’s Daniel Lundy stated, “By joining AssuredPartners we will be able to collaborate with partner companies nationwide with the dedicated team AssuredPartners has invested in.  We are proud to join the AP Aerospace team.”

“AssuredPartners is truly dedicated to partnering with the best of the Aviation industry throughout the country.”  said AssuredPartners President and COO Tom Riley.  “Adding Regal Aviation and Lundy & Clark is a welcomed addition to our existing AP Aerospace platform.  We are pleased to welcome the talented staff and respected clients to AssuredPartners.”

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