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Agent Facing Ten Felony Counts, Including Grand Theft, Forgery & Computer Fraud



Former licensed OC agent arrested on felony fraud and ID theft charges

IRVINE, CA — Marcus David Johnson II, 29, of Irvine, was charged with ten felony counts, including identity theft, grand theft, forgery, and computer fraud. Johnson II allegedly submitted more than 100 fraudulent insurance policies using stolen and fictitious identities, in order to scam insurers out of thousands in commissions he did not earn. 

“Johnson’s alleged crimes are an example of why insurance fraud is not a victimless crime,” said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. “Johnson took advantage of people who trusted him, including his family and friends, to line his pockets with ill-gotten gains.” 

While holding a valid insurance agent license, Johnson II created 36 fraudulent policyholders by stealing the identities of friends and acquaintances in order to write group health benefit policies under his parents’ business name, Global Entertainment. The fraud was discovered when a friend of Johnson II was contacted by the insurance company revealing there were multiple policies issued to him. He immediately notified the company he had never enrolled for any of the policies, which led the insurer to refer the case to the Department of Insurance for investigation. 

Johnson II has been released on bail. Johnson II is due to be arraigned on November 14, 2018. This case is being prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

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