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Insurance Agency M&A Update Q3 2018



Optis Partners, an Insurance Agency M&A firm, has compiled statistics and information on insurance agency M&A activity through the end of the third quarter for 2018. Those who are active with insurance agency acquisitions put themselves at an advantage to acquire agencies in a competitive market by reading and studying this data. Information is power, sellers like dealing with people who are knowledgeable about the marketplace. 

2018 3rd Quarter

Agent / Broker Merger & Acquisition Update

by Timothy J. Cunningham & Dan P. Menzer

Optis Partners  


2008 - 2018 Trending Information


Highlights of 2018 YTD M&A Activity

  • Highest 3rd Quarter total with 174 transactions and 2nd highest quarterly total overall, behind only 1st Quarter 2017
  • 463 transactions in first 9 months of 2018 compared to 468 in 2017
  • 606 transactions in past 12 months
  • Acrisure led all buyers with 28 transactions
    > 2nd highest of all time behind full year 2017
  • Acrisure leads all buyers through 9 months with 70 transactions
    > 2nd highest of all time behind full year 2017
  • Private Equity-Backed / Hybrid (“PE/Hybrid”) group of Buyers still completing two-thirds of all agency M&A transactions

Summary Agency Acquisitions by Year


Active Acquirers with 15 or More Deals in 2018:


Quarterly M&A Activity


% Total Transcations by Buyer-Type

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