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Former Dentist and Insurance Agent Sentenced to Four years in prison for Senior Fraud



Former San Diego dentist and insurance agent sentenced to four years in prison

Acted as investment adviser to steal over $400,000 from senior clients

SAN DIEGO, CA -- Robert Frank Mansueto, 66, former dentist and insurance agent was sentenced to four years and eight months in local prison with two years of mandatory supervision and ordered to pay $650,000 in restitution after pleading guilty to multiple felony counts of unlicensed dentistry, grand theft, identity theft and securities fraud as part of a global settlement of three criminal complaints filed by the San Diego District Attorney's Office.

"I have zero tolerance for agents and medical providers who egregiously violate the trust of consumers, especially seniors," said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. "Thanks to the great work by Department of Insurance investigators and the San Diego District Attorney's Office, we were able to secure this conviction and return money to Mansueto's victims. This conviction sends a clear message to individuals who think they can double-cross the system. The consequences of your actions will be severe."

An investigation by the California Department of Insurance revealed that Mansueto, illegally acting as a licensed investment adviser, convinced his senior victims to invest a total of $400,000 in his dental implant manufacturing company with a promise that their money would be used to create inventory and expand his business into Mexico. The investigation revealed that Mansueto used the funds for his personal use.

In a separate matter, investigators from the San Diego District Attorney's Office discovered that Mansueto altered and deposited stolen checks totaling over $640,000 into his bank account for personal use.

In 2005, Mansueto's license to practice dentistry in California was revoked for incompetence, gross negligence, and excessive treatment. Even though he had no license, Mansueto continued treating patients. He advertised his services in California and transported patients across the U.S.-Mexico border to perform dental work in Mexico under a false name. In 2016 Mansueto was charged for practicing dentistry without a license. On April 18, 2018, Mansueto pleaded guilty to felony counts of unlicensed dentistry and grand theft.

On June 7, 2018, Mansueto pleaded guilty to felony counts of grand theft, identity theft, and securities fraud. This case was prosecuted by the San Diego District Attorney's Office. Mansueto's insurance agent license was suspended on October 18, 2016. CDI is in the process of revoking that license.

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