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Agent Sentenced for Misappropriation of Funds



Emmett agent sentenced for mishandling funds


BOISE, ID – Effective February 5, 2020, Cassandra H. Aune was sentenced for misappropriation of fiduciary funds.


A licensed insurance producer from Emmett, Casandara H. Aune admitted to receiving cash for a client’s premium payment but did not apply the payment to the client’s account. Ms. Aune admitted to investigators at the Department of Insurance she had transferred client funds to a personal account for her own use. In July 2019, Ms. Aune’s insurance producer license was revoked for violations to the Idaho Insurance code and an administrative penalty of $6,000 was imposed.


“Insurance fraud is a felony and a major contributor to rising insurance prices for everyone— especially consumers,” says Director Dean Cameron. “According to FBI estimates, insurance fraud costs the average American family between $400 and $700 per year in the form of increased insurance premiums.”


Last Wednesday, the Fourth District Court Judge James Cawthon withheld judgement and placed Ms. Aune on supervised probation for three years. Judge Cawthon ordered her to pay restitution and court costs, which will be determined on March 11th.

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