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Standards & Guidelines For Appraising Insurance Agencies / Brokerages 2015




Whenever a committee is formed to develop and draw a document, whether it is a Code of Ethics, revised Bylaws, or a Standards & Guidelines manual, the committee initially searches for and investigates what has already been accomplished along those lines by similar organizations.  It is said that there is no point in reinventing the wheel.

Although much of the information included in this document is based on original data supplied by AAIMCo contributors, parts of the Guidelines are closely modeled after, and, in a few instances, may even reflect similar wording to, those guidelines and standards published by other reliable and respected sources, such as the American Society of Appraisers.

We thank these other professional organizations for the guidance provided in developing these Standards & Guidelines, and we especially thank all of our AAIMCo members who shared their opinions and information for inclusion in this document.

I especially would like to personally thank the following AAIMCo members (listed alphabetically) who have significantly contributed to the form, content and ongoing evolution of this manual.  Compiling this manual would have been impossible without their input and suggestions:


Thomas M. Braniff           Jon Persky

Greg Deimling                Colonel Roy L. Phillips

Al Diamond                     Van Hedges

Bob Pryor


Al Diamond

Chairperson, Appraisal Standards and Guidelines Committee, 2016 


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