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About AAIMCo

The  American  Association  of  Insurance  Management  Consultants  (“AAIMCo”)  was  founded  on November 3, 1978.  At that time, there were a handful of practitioners in the United States and Canada who were providing consulting services to the insurance industry.

Few knew of the existence of the others, and each was developing his or her own techniques and methods of problem solving.   There was no one with whom to share or exchange ideas, and no standards of performance, knowledge or education had been established.   There were no ethical guidelines, and the insurance industry had no basis for making an intelligent choice when situations arose which required the services of a consultant.

Since its inception, AAIMCo has grown to include many disciplines and has developed a Code of Ethics to which all members must subscribe in writing.  Members share ideas, learning from each other in the many areas of specialization which membership represents.

Members practice in more than thirty specialties and subspecialties, offering advice and providing solutions to the numerous problems that the industry faces today.

AAIMCo consultants must meet certain standards for membership. The minimum consulting experience required for membership is three years, although most members have well over a decade of experience. Members include CPCU’s, CIC’s, CLU’s, AAI’s, ARM’s, CPA’s, JD’s, PhD’s, MBA’s, and those who have earned many other professional and educational distinctions.


AAIMCo is dedicated to helping the insurance industry to operate more efficiently and profitably, thus enabling them to provide improved service to the insurance buying public.

Insurance companies, agents can call upon any of our members for advice and counsel with the certain knowledge that they will obtain expert help in solving their various management and other industry issues.


  • To serve as a medium for exchange of ideas through conferences, a newsletter & a web site
  • To  provide  a  referral  service  to  members  in  other  specialties or  where  a client  is beyond  the geographic area serviced by the referrer
  • To set professional standards of service and performance
  • To provide a Code of Ethical Behavior
  • To provide membership with the opportunity for further education through a series of conferences and seminars
  • To promote AAIMCo to the industry so that agents, brokers and carriers can be made aware of the services we can provide
  • To provide an atmosphere that encourages networking and joint work among the members
  • To achieve national recognition as professional practitioners
  • To provide the industry with a roster of our members from which they can find the consultant who can serve them best








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