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Starting an Insurance Agency

Agency Equity is the #1 resource for those looking to start an insurance agency. There are so many things to consider when starting an agency. Here is the short list of things to consider:

► Getting Carrier Appointments

► Membership in an Aggregator (Cluster, Alliance, Network or Franchise)

► Purchasing a Management System

► Getting a Rating System or Comparative Rater

► Purchasing Leads/Marketing Services

► Purchasing E&O Insurance

► Addressing Non-Compete Agreements

► Licensing Issues

► Agency Website

You can access information by visiting the listings in the various categories on this website. You can also search the article archives by going to our search page and typing in keywords such as “clusters” or “management systems.”

You can also request information and access our Guide to Starting an Independent Agency by going to our Starting an Insurance Agency page.

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Is the Insurance Agent a Dead Profession?


An article in another publication suggested that Insurance Agents are going to be a dead profession. Articles like this may be written by journalists who don't understand our industry, simply because they may have never worked inside our industry. AgencyEquity was founded by Joseph Totah who has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, including 20 years as an Agency Principal. While AgencyEquity more so focuses on Insurance Agency resources, when we do write articles, we write it so that insurance agents can understand and relate to it. Online insurance has not worked well for even the simplest of insurance policy types in any big way. The article appears to have based this on the number of online insurance startups who may claim to want to take over the role of the insurance agent. However, our research shows that online sites have barely put a dent into traditional insurance agency system. Insurance agents and agencies offer front end field underwriting that is very difficult to replicate in an online platform and underwriting results may be the reason why consumers may not be saving money with online insurance portals. We would like to set the record straight. Here are a number of articles written by AgencyEquity that points why Agencies are not going  anywhere and are here to stay:


ACA Update: America Needs Its Agents After All

Study Shows that Independent Agencies are Thriving

Why Independent Agencies Won't Lose Significant Market Share to Non-Agency Corporations


In addition, here is a Wall Street Journal article about Google's online site closing its doors:

Google Shuttering Comparison - Shopping Site for Auto Insurance, Credit Cards, Mortgages


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